17 Oct

Content Marketing

We see content marketing as the ‘engagement’ fuel that powers all digital communications from search to social to email marketing to creating website experiences which convert. Content marketing is creation and distribution of relevant content to the target market for promotion of a product or service.

Big Data

Today Big Data is more valuable than any other resource in the world. It is like an unprocessed platinum ore. This is because marketers are aware of the potential of using data as what we call ‘actionable insight’. Large organizations all over the world spend billions and billions of dollars to purchase and process unfathomable amounts of data to extract trends, patterns and insights. So the future marketing appears more reliant on big data for marketing in 2018.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence is gaining more impetus as robots continue to replace human in jobs and significantly reduce costs for businesses and organizations. You must have heard of Sophia, the intelligent, vocal, funny, human faced robot that just got the citizenship of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. If you had a chance to see the robot speak in Youtube videos you would have been surprised to see how relevant, witty and spontaneous her answers were to the questions that were posed towards her! Same applies to the mobile embedded robots called Siri and Bixby. Siri is a talking digital assistant in Apple phones and Bixby is for Samsung phones. These robots may have a dominant role in mobile marketing whereby their Artificial Intelligence will help n personalized marketing for the user.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is not something new to marketing but it is something that doesn’t seem to die anytime soon even in the rapidly evolving digital marketing. Affiliate Marketing is when one website refers to the products of another website. It involves hyper links that land the visitor of one page to the website of the referred product. Affiliate marketing or influencer marketing adds authenticity and credibility to the recommended site.

Proximity Marketing

Proximity Marketing is a future development of mobile marketing to personalize the customer’s experience. It involves sending relevant notifications to the customer based on their location. Proximity Marketing is increasingly being adapted by huge retailers like Carrefour, Target, Macy’s, Walmart, Eat, Woolworths, Hammersons, McDonald’s, CocaCola, Oscar Mayer and GasBuddy. They are successfully deploying beacons (Bluetooth devices that send signals picked up by a compatible operating system) in their stores for their proximity marketing campaigns.

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